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Here at Student Debt Relief we are able to get your student loans out of default with through several government programs you may qualify for, this will allow you to file your taxes this year and receive a monthly payment that can go as low as $25. This will clear up your credit report and you will then be able to qualify for additional finical aid.
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Obama Bailout Programs

Because every person’s situation is unique, we tailor each solution to our clients’ individual needs. All of our clients are treated with the highest level of respect, professionalism, and confidentiality. When you work with us, you will be kept up-to-date throughout the process.


Reduce Payments, Avoid Defaulting

Let our professionals help to keep you from defaulting, or ending up on the tax offset list. The simplest way to keep this from happening is by reducing monthly payments to an affordable amount.

Garnishments & Forgiveness

If you've noticed wage garnishments on your pay stubs, we may be able to make them stop. Depending on your field, you may even qualify for total loan forgiveness.

                                          The benefits of the Obama Bailout programs                                                            

Get your federal student loans out of default

Stop wage garnishment.

Get your monthly payment as low as $25 a month.

Qualify for additional finical aid.


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About Us

Student Debt Relief is proud to be a financial advocate for students across the nation. With have more than a decade of experience, we have witnessed questionable banking practices and graduates burdened with crippling debt. You need our financial knowledge and experience on your side. Our specially-crafted plans are made to help families regain financial freedom. Student debt Relief is the best and most complete resource for your student loan problems and nightmares. We are one of the nation’s fastest growing providers of all student loan resources and rehabilitation information and services. The loan professionals at Student Debt Relief will take you through the necessary steps required to quickly resolve all of your loan problems. We know that paying off student loans is a huge burden, and lenders do not make it easier by demanding payments that you cannot possibly manage to deliver. However, here at Student Debt Relief, we put you, the student and borrower, first. Our loan professionals will work quickly and diligently on your behalf, exploring all of your options and finding you the best solution possible. Our goal is to make your payment manageable, ensuring your financial well-being and giving you peace of mind going forward in your career and your life.